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From: Vincent Vincent
Subject: Fagboy & Fagdad, Part 5First, the disclaimers. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. The narrative that
follows did not happen to me or to anyone else I know. The characters in
the story, like myself, are all of legal age. Don't contact Me to meet
these slaves. DO contact Me if you want to become one of these slaves.
Also contact me with any praise, criticism, or suggestions. All
feedback is good.Fagboy and Fagdad - Part 5Ryan was scared. Really scared.Alexi had, of course, called him back. Several times. Each time further
testing Ryan's submission, learning just what he could do with a fagslave.
On Ryan's last visit, Alexi demanded the cell numbers for the two fellow
students whom Ryan first started to serve. Ryan gave the number fearfully
-- these 2 frat brothers didn't know anyone else was using him.And since then, they hadn't called Ryan demanding any kind of service. And
now, the following Tuesday evening, Ryan was back at Alexi's place
massaging his naked flesh, not being allowed to touch Alexi in any way
beyond the use of his hands to kneed Alexi's muscles for hours. Ryan
stared open-mouth at Alexi's thick meat while not being allowed to
acknowledge it. Alexi loved the inexorable spiral he was building: Ryan's
submission deepened, allowing Alexi to continually enjoy new ways to
torment him, which further expanded Ryan's enslavement.There was a knock on the door and Alexi motioned for Ryan to get it. "But
I'm naked, " Ryan reacted."Who the fuck cares? Open the door. All the way. Let them see what a
fagslave looks like."Ryan opened the door to find Mitchell and Duncan, the frat boys, smirking
at his nudity. "Shit, faggot, don't you have any shame?""None whatsoever, guys. That's what makes the bitch so entertaining.
Ryan, present for these fine gentlemen." Ryan gulped and knelt in front of
them, tongue extended. "Want to drive the fagcunt crazy? Put your dick on
his stupid tongue." Mitchell did so while Alexi explained. "I've told him
he's not allowed to suck or lick any dick that is placed on his tongue like
that. It just makes him more and more hungry. Look how his fagdick just
starts throbbing." And it was. Mitchell pulled his cock off Ryan's
tongue, making him moan with frustration while Duncan decided to try it out
as well. Ryan's eyes watered as his breath deepened looking deep into
Duncan's eyes. "I've kept the bitch like that while I'm eating dinner or
watching TV ... making his hunger grow for hours while I decide whether or
not to allow him to suck me off." It was true; Ryan sobbed on the way home
when Alexi kept up that torment for the
evening and sent him home without any sucking. "Makes fagcunts like him
all the more pliable. Ryan, get back over here and keep massaging Me while
I thank these guys." Ryan got up and continued the massage. "No,
shithead. Massage my asshole with that fag-tongue.""Jesus, man, you've got him kissing your ass?"Alexi laughed. "French kissing my shithole. Fagslaves fucking love it.
Isn't that right, cuntface?""Yes, Sir. lolitas net colegialas tetas
Thank you so much for allowing me to tongue your ass, Sir."
Ryan continued worshipping Alexi's butthole.Alexi continued. "Which brings me back to you guys. I want to thank you
for bringing this little fagcunt out of the closet. Just how did that
happen?"Duncan shrugged. "It was pretty fucking easy. We all had swim class
together and Mitchell and I kept noticing how this cocksucker kept staring
at us. We finally cornered the fag. `Stop being such a pricktease,
queerboy. You want our cocks? Fucking beg us for them.' And he did.""And so you use him to get off?""Yeah, but dude, you've taken this to a new level. Cool shit."Ryan's heart jumped when he heard Alexi's response. "Well, we're about to
go deeper still. Which is where you guys come in. By the way, I'm Alexi."
Mitchell and Duncan introduced themselves. "Cool. Now that we've gotten
that taken care of, let's entertain ourselves." Alexi got off the couch
without saying a word to Ryan. He didn't have to; Alexi trained Ryan that
slaves were only spoken to for a reason. Ryan stayed where he was, moving
out of the way to make room for Alexi's bbs preteen lolita nymphets
feet on the ground. "Faggot, on my
dresser is a queerboy leather bbs preteen lolita nymphets blindfold. Crawl over there, put the strap
of it in your cocksucking mouth, and wait for us in my bedroom." As Ryan
left, he heard Alexi speaking quietly to the other guys, but couldn't hear
what was said. He waited in the bedroom holding the blindfold in his
mouth.The three of them finally came into the bedroom, each grinning. "Ryan,
we're going to play a little game here, but we have to tie you down for the
best results. Get on the bed, face up." Duncan and Mitchell each took one
his arms and tied them to the corners of the bed. "Once you're
blindfolded, we'll begin. We're going to test just how much of a
connoisseur of cocksucking you've become. One of us will place something,
maybe our prick, maybe our ass, maybe our feet, maybe thai imageboard lolita bbs something else, on
your tongue. As always when that tongue is extended, there is no sucking,
no licking. Just tasting what we've placed there. In 30 seconds, we will
remove what we put there. And you will have to say who's what was on your
faggot tongue by saying `Thank You, Mr. blank, for allowing me to taste
your blank.' Get it wrong and there mature slut lolita movies will be consequences." By this time
the frat boys had Ryan fully staked out on the bed. Mitchell put the
blindfold over Ryan's face. "OK. Let's begin."Ryan felt somebody climb onto the bed and place something on his tongue.
It wasn't hard to recognize a penis, but without licking naked tiny teen lolitas or sucking it
would be hard to identify whose. Ryan inhaled, hoping a little lolita porn sites scent would help.
The odor was very familiar.Once the penis was removed, Ryan spoke. "Thank You, Mr. Alexi, for
allowing me to taste your cock.""Excellent, fagwhore. Let's play again." Another penis on his tongue.
He'd just tasted this moments ago."Thank You, Mr. Mitchell, for allowing me to taste your prick.""Good suckboy. And now...." Another penis. This was too easy.
"Thank You, Mr. Duncan, for allowing me to taste your dick."All three laughed as Alexi shouted, "WRONG! Sorry, cuntface, but we're a
little smarter than that. That was MY dick put there again. Time for
consequences. We each get to smack your fagnuts." Three quick punches to
Ryan's nads had him howling. "I hope that's incentive to be a little more
careful." Ryan earnestly nodded. Next he felt somebody crouching over his
head and felt what was most likely an asshole on his tongue. It wasn't
wet, so it probably wasn't Alexi's. Ryan had never tasted Mitchell's or
Duncan's ass, so this was a bit of a guess."Thank You, Mr. Duncan, for allowing me to taste your asshole."Duncan answered. "Wow, I'm impressed." Another asshole on Ryan's tongue.
A very different taste from the first, but he didn't think it was Alexi."Thank You, Mr. Mitchell, for allowing me to taste your asshole.""Good faggot," Mitchell responded. This time, a piece of fabric was placed
on Ryan's tongue. The fabric was course and smelled of sweat and piss."Thank you, Mr. Duncan, for allowing me to taste your jockstrap."All three cheered. "WRONG! That was Mitchell's jock." Three more punches
to Ryan's nuts. Ryan's hard-on started flagging from the pain. And now, a
finger on his tongue.Ryan realized that the entertainment of this game was going to be pretty
much in punching his nuts. "Um, thank you, Mr. Alexi, for allowing me to
taste your finger.""WRONG! Sorry, faggot, but that was Mitchell's finger. You got something
against Mitchell, fagboy?" Three more punches on Ryan's nads and then one
of the three men dribbled some piss on his extended tongue. galleries art photos lolitas There was
nothing to do but guess."Thank you, Mr. Mitchell, for allowing me to taste your piss?" His guess
was answered with three more nut punches, leaving Ryan completely soft and
writhing in agony.Ryan felt some plastic encasing his nads and hoped it was some kind of
protection. The plastic, he realized, was only surrounding his
now-shrunken prick. "There," Alexi confirmed, "we finally got the faggot's
cock soft enough to lock away. Now we can completely train him to get off
on whatever we desire."Duncan requested a confirmation. "So this thing here will prevent him from
getting hard at all?""Exactly. There are pin-pricks around the base of it that eat painfully
into his cock if it even starts to get hard. How often do you two get hard
in a day?""Jesus, man, like every 10 minutes.""Exactly. If we take the gear off the bitch every time he, say, washes the
dishes, then he's going to fucking want to do dishes more than anything
else in the world. Even if we don't let him cum. It'll only be a matter
of time before even the idea of washing dishes gets him all hot and
bothered.""So what are we going to make him get off on?"Alexi was clearly in charge, answering every question. "Nothing, yet.
First we need him so desperate to cum that we've weakened his instincts and
will. Make him even more submissive than he already lolitas net colegialas tetas
is." Alexi removed
Ryan's blindfold and spoke to him directly. "Here's the deal, fagface.
For the next 30 days, your pathetic fagmeat is locked up and unable to get
hard. As I said, you're welcome to try, but it's going to hurt like
fucking hell. During this time, any one of us can contact you at any time
to do anything ... suck us off, do our laundry," he cocked his head to
Mitchell and Duncan, "even do their fucking homework. If you disappoint
any one of us for any reason, the 30-day count starts all over again. Any
questions?""Um, Sir, what if somebody, like a doctor or my Dad, sees me naked and asks
what this is?""Then you fucking tell them, fagboy. That somebody has locked up your
prick."Ryan nodded fearfully. "Yes, Sir."Alexi continued. "The point, faggot, is to show you just what is
important. What galleries art photos lolitas is important is the pleasure of your superiors. Even at
your own expense. Especially at your own expense. We have every intention
of keeping you very, very busy. Too busy to do your own stupid shit. And
it is stupid shit, Ryan, because it's YOUR stupid shit. Nobody gives a
fuck what a fagslave wants. So you're going to have to learn to jettison
your stupid fucking dreams and dream the dreams we feed you instead. Dream
of being a perfect fucking slavehole." Alexi nodded to the frat boys, who
then started untying Ryan from the bed. "Now you can start by showing us
some gratitude for taking the trouble and effort to train you to be a good
slave. Give each of us a nice, slow, deep-throat blowjob, thanking us
again each time you gag on our cocks."Ryan crept to the closest prick, Duncan's. "Thank you, Mr. Duncan, for
allowing me to learn what it means to be a true slave to men like you."
Ryan softly kissed his dickhead and started embracing it with his lips.
Already, his own cock started to stir against the pinpricks at its base,
making him shiver in erotic torment, petrified of getting any further
aroused. When he finally got Duncan off, he found he could focus on
Duncan's pleasure instead of his own distress and enjoy the orgasm
vicariously. Ryan then found a new level of submission: focusing
completely on the pleasure he was providing another, completely ignoring
his own hungry needs.It was 3AM before he got the three of them off (twice each) and was allowed
to crawl out the door, get dressed, and go home. Classes started early the
next morning.
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